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Gift Certificate

Buy a gift certificate today. Enter the amount you want for the gift under Name your price.

The gift certificate is good for the purchased value against any product or service that we offer.

Please fill out gift recipient contact information fields if you would like the gift certificate to include them. In the Special Message field, enter any text you would like us to add. Any fields left empty will be blank on the certificate.

The gift certificate will be printed and either sent to you by mail or set aside for pickup at Collins Artworks. Thank you for your purchase!

Suggested price: $100.00

Minimum price: $5.00

Gift Certificate

Information to include on the gift certificate.

  • Name of gift recipient, if known
  • Address, if any, of the gift recipient
  • Phone number, if any, of gift recipient
  • Email address, if any, of gift recipient
  • Text to add to gift certificate. This may state reason for gift, give special instructions or whatever you need to say.