Our Digital Imaging and Printing Price List

We can print on any media intended for use with aqueous ink printers, as long as we can obtain a valid ICC profile for it. We can print up to 43″ wide by any length. Pricing for specific cases not shown in this list is available on request. You can get estimated print costs for specific sizes and media using our handy print price calculator. There is a minimum order amount of $50.00 that applies to all printing related orders. All products are subject to Massachusetts sales tax with the exception of charges for scanning and labor. Contact us for more information.

Greeting Cards:

 ItemPrice Units Notes
 Specialty greeting cards $2.50 card Includes 5″x7″ cards, 5.25″ square cards, etc. Price may be higher for certain card types, w/envelopes
Double-sided 5×7 cards$3.75cardSame as 5″x7″ printed on inside and outside, w/ envelopes
 4 1/4″ x 5 1/2″ cards$2.00 card Standard 4×5 greeting cards, w/envelopes
 Postcards$1.50 card Standard postcards
(updated 01/06/2022)

Photo Paper:

 ItemPrice Units Notes
 Premium Luster Photo $0.10 sq. in. High quality semigloss photo paper
 Premium Glossy Photo $0.10 sq. in. High quality glossy photo paper
 Metallic Photo$0.12 sq. in. High quality metallic photo paper
(updated 01/06/2022)

Fine Art Paper & Canvas:

 ItemPrice Units Notes
Archival Matte$0.07sq. in.Bright white, smooth, affordable
 Textured Fine Art$0.15 sq. in. Textured, 100% cotton
 Velvet Rag $0.15 sq. in. Textured, 100% cotton, slightly whiter
 Hot Press Rag $0.15 sq. in. Smooth, 100% cotton
 Moenkopi Kozo$0.17 sq. in. Japanese Washi paper, smooth and opaque
 Moenkopi Unryu$0.14 sq. in. Japanese Washi paper with fibrous texture
Premium Matte Canvas $0.15sq. in.See notes for stretching & mounting
(updated 01/06/2022)

Canvas Stretching & Mounting:

  • We coat canvas prints with UV protective coating for free
  • Stretching canvas on stretcher bars: $0.55 per united inch (sum of the width and height of the artwork); stretcher bars are priced separately; ask for details
  • Mounting on gator board: $0.40 per united inch; gator board: $0.05 per square inch

Other Services:

  • High quality scan of your artwork or photo up to 24″x36″: $50.00; $65.00/hour for larger sizes
  • Specialty scans image editing, repair, color correction, card layout and design, $65.00 per hour; you only pay for the time used
  • Images can be shared via cloud service (Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, etc.) or copied to a memory stick for a service charge of $10.00
  • For your convenience and the long term safety of your images, you can store your images with us permanently for $59 per year. Ask for details.
  • Proofs are available at the same pricing as normal prints on the same media.