Kids Art Classes

We are currently registering children for our educational, fun and affordable children’s art classes. Our next class starts Saturday, August 15, 2020. Note that tuition payments for our classes are tax deductible. Please see our Policies and Information page for our refund policy.

“I realy love Collins Artworks because they have the best art classes. They also have very good teachers. I learnd many things, that help me. That is why I love Collins Artworks.” – Brian Conville, age 9, about summer art camp 2011

Movies Made by The Kids

Saturday Program

Our Saturday art class for kids represents an ongoing, open enrollment series of themed art classes for ages 6 to 13.  Tuition is $60 per month (4 classes). Classes start the first Saturday of each month and run for four consecutive Saturdays, weather and holidays permitting.

Students will explore different methods and media to produce their works of art: watercolor, tempera, oil pastels, Cray-Pas, colored pencils, watercolor crayons, markers, clay, Model Magic, crayons, batik, and more. They will also make their own textured papers and explore creative uses for available materials. And they will learn basic art principles: line, drawing, positive/negative space, composition, color etc.

“I liked how we could go outside, run around, and take pictures. I learned about how to get them on computer and edit them. We learned about the grid system and rules of design and what makes a good picture.  I also learned to take pictures of anything and not worry about it being perfect.” – Zachary Williams, Lancaster, about photography camp.

Art Birthday Parties

Let Collins Artworks entertain at your child’s next birthday party. Our birthday packages are custom tailored to fit your child’s personality or their own birthday theme. Choose from our themed programs or craft art activities such as painting cars, designing stylish hats or masks, making crazy critters, a collage inspired by a famous artist, American graffiti urban art, cultural art forms, and many more. All activities are age appropriate for children 3 to 17 years old. There are many lessons to choose from and the kids leave with beautiful, original art work to remember the day, and they have a blast creating it.

“I love when I come to Collins Artworks. I love it so much because we do great progects. Thank you!” – Brian Conville, age 9.

Paint parties for kids

Follow the teacher and paint a master painting like Van Gogh, Monet or Cezanne. Children paint with acrylic paint on canvas. Each guest and birthday child take their painting of a master home with them that day. Paint parties are great fun! There is a minimum cost of $170 for up to 10 children including the birthday child. Two additional children can be added for ages 3 to 5 or 8 children for ages 6 to 12 at a cost of $18 per child. An “art goody bag” is given to each party guest and a special art gift is given to the birthday boy or girl. A $50 non-refundable deposit is due at the time of booking.

Your party must be booked at least two weeks in advance. A beautifully designed birthday cake can be added for an additional $25 in the design of your choice. Add a birthday party photographer to capture the birthday party memories in photos or have your child’s birthday pictures taken at our photography studio for an additional cost. Our sheet price is $16 per 8″x10″ sheet. We offer affordable package discounts.

“The “Night at the Museum” week of art camp was really fun. I really thought the Egyptians and gods stuff was cool. We made canopic jars which were really cool. We learned about hieroglyphics and other fun stuff.” – Jonathan Williams, Lancaster, about art camp.

“Mommy & Me”

With our “Mommy and Me” program you have a choice of projects to do with your child. “Mommy and Me” offers moms, grandmas or dads enjoyable art projects to make with their children. Project directions and supplies are included in the price. Each week new projects are added. The class is held Saturday afternoons. Sample “Mommy & Me” Art Projects

  • Creative Collage: Make a collage after a famous artist. ($20)
  • Pottery: Make and paint a coil or slab pot. Two sessions needed to complete. ($20)
  • Make a landscape: Use print making, painting and collage to make your landscape. ($20)
  • Discovery Planet: Paint and create things under your feet, inside the earth and out of this world. ($20)
  • Night At The Museum: Make your own Egyptian art, aboriginal dot painting. ($25 – large project)
  • Impressionist series, Pop Art- Andy Warhol ($20)

“We learned some things about the camera and how to find something to take pictures of. It was fun.” – Jonathan Williams, Lancaster, about photography camp.

Scout Projects

We offer projects for the boy scout or girl scout that needs an art project to earn a badge. Show the teacher your badge project and she will guide you with an art project that will earn you the badge. Prepare to be the envy of your troop. Price varies depending on complexity and length of the project.

We also offer a group rate if your troop wants to earn the art badge together. There are two parts to the art badge art class.

  1. I come to your troop meeting and talk about my career as an an artist and what it is like to be a professional artist. I bring a painting for the scouts to see.
  2. The scouts come to the gallery for a fun and educational real art class where the scouts learn art theory and produce a work of art.

Price: $160 for 10 scouts total. Under ten scouts $170 total. Tuition includes supply costs.

“I loved the week at “Night at the Museum” art camp. Learning about the hieroglyphics and Egyptian stuff was the best!” – Benjamin Williams, Lancaster, about art camp.

Teen Art Discovery Program

Program one:

Teens age 14 and up can sign up for our themed art classes for development or just for fun. We will explore different media and methods to produce their works of art: watercolor, oil, acrylic, tempera, oil pastels, Cray-Pas, colored pencils, watercolor pastels, markers, clay, batik, mixed media, animation etc. We incorporate basic art theory in our classes, covering line and form, drawing, positive/negative space, composition, color etc. We even offer an “American Urban Graffiti” class that’s scheduled according to demand. Tuition: $70 for 4 classes

“Photography camp was neat. We went outside and found different things with different shapes and textures to take pictures of.” – Benjamin Williams, Lancaster, about photography camp.

Program two:

Teen artists can sign up for our art classes for portfolio development. The art instructor Sheryll Collins will assess the current artwork to determine the needs of the student in having a well round portfolio. Any gaps in art development will be addressed.  We will explore and use different media and methods to produce their works of art: watercolor, oil, acrylic, tempera, oil pastels, Cray-Pas, colored pencils, watercolor pastels, markers, clay, batik, mixed media etc. We incorporate basic art theory in our classes, covering line and form, drawing, positive/negative space, composition, color etc. Tuition: $100 for 4 classes

“I liked “Night at the Museum” a lot, especially the hieroglyphics and making the shield. We drew pictures about Egyptian stuff. It was just so much fun and I was impressed on how my picture turned out.” – Zachary Williams, Lancaster, about art camp.

Home School Groups

Please call to book. Tuition is $60 per child for four 2 hour sessions. There is a multiple sibling discount.  Ask about our discounted tuition group rates. Your Program is designed for your specific group.Call for details.

“Collins Artworks art and photography camps were just what I wanted for my boys. It was very affordable for 3 children and offered 1/2 day (my pick) or all day camp depending on one’s needs. The teachers are award winning professional artists who really enjoy teaching the kids. They teach basics while encouraging an individuals touch and creativity. I’d recommend this camp to anyone.” – Pam Short, Lancaster.

“Both my daughters have taken art classes with Sheri–it is well worth the investment of time and money. Sheri does a very thorough and thoughtful job of planning out her sessions by theme and exposing the kids to art techniques and artists from a variety of cultures. I have noticed much of what Sheri teaches coming through in the “doodles” and general craft-time here at home–clearly the girls are absorbing so much. Thanks Sheri!” – Jen Wiley-Cordone.

Summer Art Camp

Unfortunately, we will be unable to offer summer art camp this year. We apologize for the late notice but we were busy trying to pull things together to make it possible and it took time to conclude that it wasn’t going to materialize. In lieu of that, we will be continuing with our Saturday morning classes through the summer. Thank you for your understanding and have a great summer!

“We came across Collins Artworks one busy evening and decided to come back to see what kind of services were offered and was delighted to see that art classes were being offered for children teaching them a broad range of artistic methods as well as educating them on the basics and history of art. My son who enjoyed art before Collins Artworks with 3 D art, colored pencils, aborigine art, watercolor, hieroglyphic art, graffiti, model magic and many other methods that I’ve lost count of.  I can’t say enough how much he’s enjoyed coming to Collins Artworks and looks forward to the various camps being offered this summer.  Thank you to Mrs. Collins and her staff for sharing your passion for art.” – Susie and Brian Conville, Sterling, MA.

“My 8 year old son LOVES art.  When it was clear that he wanted more exposure than his school could provide, we checked out Collins Artworks in Clinton, MA. The director , Sheryll Collins, and her husband, foster children’s passion for the art process. using all kinds of media, they encourages the child’s creative mind and engage their blossoming skills. With art shows periodically during the year, inviting families and friends, the Collins showcase the children’s artwork, giving the children another artist experience. My son tried a week long art camp during the summer. he had a grand time! It’s clear that the Collins love children, and enjoy working with them.” – Mellyn Shurtleff, Sterling, MA.

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