Kids Art Class Registration

To register for our kids’ art classes, fill out the form below. Note that you can also register and buy a class at the same time using one of these products:

Kids Classes Registration

  • Student Information

    You will need to sign the paper permission form before your child can start attending classes.
  • Please enter a number from 5 to 17.
  • Medical and Emergency Information

  • Other adults who may pick up your child (ID will be required)
  • Emergency Contacts

    Name of friend(s) or relative(s) in the area who may be notified if unable to locate parent(s). If a child becomes sick while at the center, the child MUST be picked up and taken home, if not picked up by you then by someone else. No exceptions.
  • I will notify the center if there is a change in the above arrangements. In case of an emergency, I understand the center will try to contact the parent. In the event that the parent cannot be reached, permission is given for the Art Center to take my child to an emergency hospital by ambulance if necessary.
  • I grant permission to the Art Center to take photographs of my child for the sole purposes of advertising, scrapbooking, and/or inclusion in local newspaper articles.
  • I grant permission to Collins Artworks to transport my child from school to the Art Center. Or I grant permission to Collins Artworks to transport my child during art camp for field trips/local or on location filming.
  • Include details about class requirements, preferred scheduling options, and any questions you may have.
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