Art Supplies

We now carry name brand, artist quality art supplies priced well below suggested retail.

We decided to start small, thereby reducing inventory costs while allowing us to offer prices that are 10% to 40% off list every day. Here’s some, not all, of what we have in stock:

  • Winsor & Newton Artists’ Water Colours, selected colors
  • Da Vinci watercolors, selected colors
  • Golden acrylics (fluid, open and heavy body), selected colors
  • Winsor & Newton Artists’ Oil Colours, selected colors
  • Basic drawing supplies
  • Stretched canvas in common sizes
  • Stretcher bars at low prices
  • Arches watercolor paper (blocks and boards)
  • A small selection of brushes for all media
  • A varied selection of children’s art supplies

We can always order what you want from our suppliers, so don’t be discouraged if we don’t have it in stock. You will get the same discounting that we provide for our stocked items.

Available at Our Online Shop:

Framing Supplies

We are also a custom frame shop, and can offer professional quality framing supplies to you, including readymade frames, cut glass, mats, foam core, gator board, and hardware. Because you do the work, you save.

UNDER CONSTRUCTION: We will be adding our in stock art supplies to our online shop over the next few weeks. In the meantime, contact us and let us know what you need. Thank you for your patience!